The Khilji Dynasty (1290-1320): Alauddin Khilji

The Khilji (khalji) people were an ethnic group from Western Turkistan. Their ascendancy is known as the Khilji Revolution because  it marked the end of monopoly of power by the Turkish nobility & racial dictatorship. Jalauddin Firuz Khilji (1290-96): Ali Gurshasp (later sultan Alauddin Khilji) was the nephew & son-in-law of Jalauddin Firuz Khilji. After the downfall of Malik Chhajju,  Alauddin was appointed as the Governor of Kara near Allahabad. In 1292 A.D. in the expedition of Malwa & Bhilsa; he had managed to collect a huge amount of booty in gold & jewels which he handed over to his uncle … Continue reading The Khilji Dynasty (1290-1320): Alauddin Khilji