Characteristics of Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Man: M. Louis Lartet in 1868 discovered fine skeletons from a cave Cro-Magnon in Les Eyzies, France belonging to two adult men, one woman, an infant and an old man. Its age has been estimated to be 30-40 thousand years (late Pleistocene). Associated finds belong to an Aurignacian culture of upper palaeolithic consisting of bone and stone tools, cane-paintings, sculptures, stone statues of female figures etc. The animal bones belong to mammoths, cave bear, woolly rhinoceros etc. Characteristics of Cro-Magnon Man: The skull is very large and massive. Skull is very long (20.3 Cm) in relation to its breadth … Continue reading Characteristics of Cro-Magnon Man