Chlorophyta- Green Algae

Important Characteristics of Green Algae: Green Algae are put under the division Chlorophyta comprising of more than 7,000 species. Green Algae occur in both aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats. Only about 10% of species are marine. The remaining are freshwater aquatics or semi-aquatics. Several species grow in moist terrestrial habitats like moist soils, rocks, tree trunks etc. Chlorella can tolerate moderately warm waters. Some species are found in cold waters and even snow. Snow dwelling forms are called cryophytes. Example- Scotiella, Chlamydomonas nivalis, Ankistrodesmus. There is wide variation in the plant body or thallus. Some are unicellular and microscopic. Chlamydomonas is … Continue reading Chlorophyta- Green Algae