Digestion Process in human beings

Digestion Process: The process of digestion involves intake of the food (Ingestion), breakdown of the food into micromolecules (Digestion), absorption of these molecules into the blood stream (Absorption), the absorbed substances becoming components of cells (Assimilation) and elimination of the undigested substances (Egestion). Digestive system includes the alimentary canal and associated digestive glands. Alimentary Canal or Digestive Tract: It includes- Oral Cavity (Mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, etc.). Pharynx. Oesophagus. Stomach. Small Intenstine – Duodenum, Jejunum, ileum. Large Intenstine – Caecum (with vermiform appendix, the inflammation of which causes appendicitis), Colon, Rectum. Digestive Glands: It includes-   Salivary glands – Parotid, … Continue reading Digestion Process in human beings