Download Anthropology SCERT Kerala Book Pdf For IAS Exam

Download Anthropology SCERT Kerala Book PDF:

Class 11th Anthropology Book PDF:

Chapter 1: Introducing Anthropology

Chapter 2: Basics of Social-Cultural Anthropology

Chapter 3: Basics of Biological Anthropology

Chapter 4: Basics of Archaeological Anthropology

Chapter 5: Basics of Linguistic Anthropology

Chapter 6: Marriage, Family and Kinship

Chapter 7: Political Organisation

Chapter 8: Economic Organisation

Chapter 9: Religious Organisation

Chapter 10: Folkloristic Anthropology

Class 12th Anthropology Book PDF:

Chapter 1: Anthropological research methods and techniques

Chapter 2: Anthropological theories of culture

Chapter 3: Civilisational and village studies in anthropology

Chapter 4: Medical anthropology

Chapter 5: Ecological anthropology

Chapter 6: People and cultures of India

Chapter 7: Social-cultural change

Chapter 8: Tribes and marginalised people

Chapter 9: Applied and development anthropology

Chapter 10: Luminaries of Indian anthropology

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