Gupta Empire

Gupta Empire Important Facts: The founder of the Gupta dynasty was Sri Gupta. He was succeeded by Ghatokacha. These two were called Maharajas. Chandragupta I (320-330 A.D.): Chandragupta I was the first independent Gupta empire ruler & called himself ‘Maharajadhiraja‘ (the great king of kings). Married the Lichchavi Princess, Kumaradevi, which was politically very strategic for Gupta empire. He is considered to be the founder of the Gupta era which starts with his accession in A.D. 320. Samudragupta (330-380 A.D.): Title – Vikramanka. Also called Dharma Prachar Bandhu ; Licchavi-dauhitra. An inscription engraved on the Ashokan Pillar at Allahabad dating … Continue reading Gupta Empire