Medieval Indian History GK Part 2

Medieval Indian History GK Part 2: Who says ‘Abide pure amidst the impurities of the world’- Guru Nanak. The Tuluva dynasty was founded by- Vira Narasimha. The Bahmani kingdom reached its peak under the guidance of- Mahmud Gawan. In Akbar’s reign, the land which was cultivated every year and never left fallow is termed- Polaj. In the 13th century, the Chishti Order was established in the Deccan by- Shaikh Burhanuddin Gharib. Who compiled the Guru Granth Sahib- Guru Arjan. During the reign of Humayun two Persian artists________were patronized- Mir Syed Ali and Abdus Samad. The unique feature of the administrative … Continue reading Medieval Indian History GK Part 2