Harshavardhana or Harsha (606-647 A.D.)

Harshavardhana: Important Facts Pushyabhutis were the feudatories of the Guptas. They called themselves Vardhanas. The Pushyabhutis family came to the fore after the Huna invasion. The first important king of the Pushyabhuti dynasty was Prabhakaravardhana. His capital was Thaneswar. He assumed the title of Paramabhattaraka and Maharajadhiraja. He had two sons, Rajyavardhana and Harshavardhana and a daughter Rajyasri, married to the Maukhari King Grahavarman. After the death of Prabhakaravardhana, Sasanka with the help of the Malwa king, Devagupta invaded Kanauj. King Grahavarman was killed and queen Rajyasri was thrown into prison. Hearing this news, Rajyavardhana immediately started with his troops … Continue reading Harshavardhana or Harsha (606-647 A.D.)