Month: January 2021

Disorders caused by Drinking Alcohol

Disorders caused by Drinking Alcohol: Alcohol is a slow poison which in a man’s body is destructive to both physical and mental processes. Alcohol in any form: wine, whisky, beer, brandy, gin or toddy, is harmful to health. Beginning with small quantities of alcohol for pleasure and adventure, people become addictive to it and take

Growth and Development

Growth and Development: Growth is defined as an irreversible increase in the size and form of an individual. Growth is a characteristic feature of all living organisms. You have seen small seedlings grow into big plants and small babies growing into adults. However, growth always occurs in such a manner that the particular characters of

Write a short note on Respiration?

Respiration: Respiration is the process of taking oxygen into the cells, using it to release energy from the digested food and eliminating the waste products (carbon dioxide and water). Respiration involves two main processes: Breathing or External Respiration: The process of taking in oxygen-rich air from the surrounding medium and giving out carbon dioxide-rich air

Micro-Organisms Causing Diseases

Micro-Organisms Causing Diseases: Micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses cause many diseases in human beings. They enter our body through contaminated water, food or milk, through contaminated air and insect bites. Dirty open drains, stagnant pools of water and garbage dumps are ideal places for the micro-organisms and insects like mosquitoes and flies to

Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System: The male reproductive system is composed of testes together with accessory ducts and structures including the epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, the distal portion of the urethra, the penis and several glands. Testes: Man possesses two ovoid glandular testes which are concerned with the formation of male gametes, the spermatozoa. Testes are

Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System: The sex organs of female mammals are specialized for egg production, for receiving sperms from the male, for providing an adequate medium for fertilization and for protecting and nourishing the developing embryo. For these multifarious activities, the reproductive system of human female consists of two ovaries, Fallopian tubes (oviducts), uterus, vagina and

Evolution of Varna System

Evolution of Varna System: The literal meaning of varna was colour. From the Rigveda, we come to know that the earlier basis of division in society was colour. As we know the Aryan migrants were white-skinned people and they were conscious about their colour so they were maintaining a distinct identity against the black-skinned people.