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Gk Compilation form MPPSC Exam 2018

Gk Compilation form MPPSC Exam 2018: 1. Name the State Bird of Madhya Pradesh.(A) Peacock(B) Moorhen(C) Paradise flycatcher(D) Parrot Ans: Paradise flycatcher (C) 2. What is the full form of  NGT?(A) National Green Tribunal(B) National General Tribe(0) New General Tribunal(D) National Green Tribe Ans: National Green Tribunal (A) 3. Name the first State of India

Work And Power

Work And Power: Work: In everyday conversation, we often use the term ‘Work’ to mean any labor which requires either physical or mental effort. Thus, the term work gives us an idea of something being done. For instance, a student solving a numerical problem of mathematics is engaged in a mental activity whereas a gate-keeper

Articles Deals With Fundamental Rights

What is Fundamental Rights? Fundamental Rights are those basic freedoms which are essential for the healthy and all-round development of every individual. These rights are called fundamental because they have been incorporated in the Constitution as fundamental laws of the land and can be enforced by the Judiciary. They are also ‘Fundamental’ because every citizen

History GK From GPSC Assistant Professor History Exam 2020

GK From GPSC Assistant Professor History Exam 2020: 1. What were the main occupations of man in the Paleolithic period?(a) Agriculture(b) Trade(c) Hunting gathering(d) Manufacture Ans: Hunting gathering (c) 2. What animal was not known to the Harappan peoples?(a) Cow(b) Sheep(c) Horse(d) Buffalo Ans: Horse (c) 3. Where did the Buddha deliver the first sermon?(a) Lumbini(b) Sarnath(c) Bodhgaya(d) Kusinagar Ans: Sarnath (b) 4. Which scholar

Essay On Mahatma Gandhi

Essay On Mahatma Gandhi: Every visiting King, President, or Prime Minister makes it a point to pay homage to Gandhiji and lay a wreath at his Samadhi at Rajghat. The light comes from the East and travels towards the West. Gandhiji was the Light of India. He was a man of God who showed India

GK Compilation From Harappan Civilization And Vedic Age

GK Compilation From Harappan Civilization And Vedic Age: The elaborate drainage system is a unique feature of the- Indus Valley Civilization. From where a series of ‘Fire Altars’ on mud-brick platforms were discovered- Kalibangan. Pashupati Shiva is a three-faced deity surrounded by which animals- Elephant, Tiger, Buffalo & Rhinoceros. Indus people believed in ghosts and

Indian Polity GK Part 1 For UPSC And SSC Exam

Indian Polity GK Part 1 For UPSC And SSC Exam: The first Municipal Corporation in India was set up at- Madras (1687-88). Which was the first state to establish Panchayati Raj- Rajasthan (1959). Which committee recommended the three-tier system of Panchayati Raj- Balwant Rai Mehta Committee. Which article of the Constitution says that the Chief

General Studies GK Compilation From JKPSC Exam 2013

General Studies GK Compilation From JKPSC Exam 2013: 1. Which were the earliest cereals grown?(A) Wheat and Barley(B) Rice and Millets(C) Millets and Maize(D) None of the above Ans: Wheat and Barley (A) 2. Which is the port town of Indus Valley Civilization?(A) Lothal(B) Kalibangan(C) Ropar(D) Mohenjo-Daro Ans: Lothal (A) 3. Upanishads are books on :(A) Religion(B) Yoga(C) Philosophy(D) Law Ans: Philosophy (C) 4. The