General Knowledge

Computer General Knowledge
Basic Components of Computer SystemProgramming Languages
Characteristics of ComputerModular Programming
Applications of ComputerProcedure-Oriented Programming
Computer Input DevicesObject-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Computer Output DevicesStructured Programming
Secondary Storage DevicesDatabase Management System (DBMS)
Computer MemoryInternet and Its Uses
Computer Software and HardwareWorld Wide Web (WWW)
Malicious Software (Malware)FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Utility SoftwareEmail (Electronic Mail)
Application SoftwareCloud Computing
Client-Server ArchitectureArtificial Intelligence (AI)
Computer NetworkOperating System (OS)
Wired NetworkingDatabase Models or Data Models
Wireless NetworkingInformation Security in E-Commerce
Multimedia and Its ApplicationTELNET
What is Virtual Reality?Spooling and Virtual Devices
Careers in Information Technology (IT)Information and Communication Technology
Online Email Marketing | Best Email Marketing ToolsHow to Download and Install Chrome Browser on Windows
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SoftwareFlowchart- Meaning, Symbols, Rules
CryptographyCustomer Relationship Management Or CRM
Geography General Knowledge
Ozone Layer Depletion or Ozone HoleAcid Rain: Effects & Control Measures
Global Warming: Effects and Control MeasuresEnvironmental Imbalances
Important Biogeochemical CyclesDisaster Management
Ecological Succession or Biotic SuccessionPhysiography Of India
Ecological Pyramids and its TypesRivers of India
EcosystemSeasonal Rhythm Of Indian Monsoon
Latitude and LongitudeForest and Wildlife Resources
Solar SystemProtection Of Wildlife / Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
Atmosphere and its StructureConservation of Biodiversity
Structure of the EarthClassification of Soils in India
Volcanoes and RocksSoil Erosion & Soil Conservation Measures
Humidity: Absolute, Specific & Relative HumidityDesertification- Effects & Remedies
Ocean Currents and its EffectsWetland- Types & Importance
Important Warm and Cold WindsIndian Agriculture
Cloud Formation And Types of CloudsSources of Irrigation
Adverse Effects of Modern AgricultureRenewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Significance of the Northern Mountain Wall (Himalayas)Sustainable Development
Formation of the EarthClimates of the World
The Case of PangeaTropical Weather and Climate
What is a tropical cyclone?Atmospheric Circulation
Air Pollution- Causes, Effects, and Control MeasuresSolid Waste Management
Water Pollution- Causes, Effects, and Control MeasuresSoil Pollution- Sources, Effects, and Control Measures
Noise Pollution- Sources, Effects, and Control MeasuresRainwater Harvesting- Methods and Advantages
Biology General Knowledge
Plant and Animal CellDifference between DNA and RNA
Mitosis: Process and SignificanceDNA Fingerprinting
Meiosis: Process and SignificanceHuman Genome Project
Modes of NutritionChromosomal Theory Of Inheritance
Alimentary Canal of Man or Digestive TractHuman Genetic Disorders
Process of digestion in human beingsMutation due to Changes in the Structure of Chromosome
Components of BloodLamarckism And Neo-Lamarckism
Human Heart Important FactsDarwinism or Theory of Natural Selection
Mechanism or Working of Heart (Cardiac Cycle)Homologous Analogous And Vestigial Organs
Human Lymphatic SystemEvidences for Human Evolution
Nervous SystemMendel’s Principles of Inheritance
Structure of Human BrainPre-mendelian Theories of Heredity
Functions of Different Parts of BrainDifferent Regions recognized in a Chromosome
Chemical Coordination in Plants & AnimalsDNA and its Functions
Tissues [Plant and Animal Tissues]Watson and Crick Model of DNA
Asexual Reproduction- Types, Characteristics And SignificanceBiological Significance of Watson and Crick’s Model
Vegetative Propagation: Natural & Artificial MethodsHershey-Chase Experiment
Sexual Reproduction Characteristics and SignificanceMiller and Urey Experiment
Types of Sexual ReproductionConstituents of Food: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats & Vitamins
Sexual Reproduction in PlantsDistinctive Characters Of Birds
Sexual Reproduction in AnimalsChlorophyta- Green Algae
Difference Between Asexual and Sexual ReproductionRhodophyta- Red Algae
Male Reproductive SystemPhaeophyta- Brown Algae
Female Reproductive SystemBryophytes- Characteristics And Economic Importance
Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)Phylum Porifera- Characteristics
Parthenogenesis: Types And SignificanceEssential and Non-essential Parts of the Flowers
Pollination: Types and Its ImportanceEssential Elements in Plants
Difference Between Self and Cross-PollinationTranspiration In Plants
Digestive System of FrogDefine Photosynthesis
Digestive System of EarthwormFactors affecting the rate of Photosynthesis
Digestive System of CockroachHatch and Slack Cycle (C4 Pathway)
Nervous System of CockroachMechanism of Stomatal Movement
Hormonal Control of Digestive SecretionsKrebs Cycle or Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle
Reflex Action and Reflex ArcFactors Affecting Respiration in Plants
Theories of AgeingBiochemical Defense Mechanism in Plants
Role of Auxins (IAA) in the Plant BodyRole of Cytokinins in the Plant Body
Role of Gibberellins in the Plant BodyPlasmolysis and Deplasmolysis
Biosphere and Its Sub-divisionsEnergy Flow in Ecosystem
Ancient Indian History General Knowledge
Indus Valley CivilizationMauryan Empire
Significance of Harappan CivilizationDecline Of The Mauryan Empire
Vedic AgeSocial Condition Of Mauryan India
Significance Of Vedic AgeEconomic Condition Of Mauryan India
Evolution of Varna SystemKautilya Arthashastra
BuddhismPre-Gupta Period
Teachings Or Doctrines Of BuddhismSangam Age
Importance and Contribution of BuddhismGupta Empire
Mahayana Buddhism- The Greater VehicleGupta Literature
JainismGupta Art and Architecture
Teachings Or Doctrines Of JainismHarshavardhana or Harsha (606-647 A.D.)
Medieval Indian History General Knowledge
Pratihara and RashtrakutasSufism In India
Chola EmpireThe Bhakti Movement
Chola Art and ArchitectureBhakti Movement in Maharashtra
The Slave Dynasty (1206 – 1290)Chaitanya Movement
The Khilji Dynasty (1290-1320)Bhakti Saints- Kabir and Guru Nanak
Tughlaq Dynasty (1320-1414)Bhakti Saint Vallabhacharya
Sayyids & LodhisSher Shah Suri- The Afghan Revival
Disintegration of Delhi SultanateThe Mughal Empire (1556-1707)
Vijayanagar Empire (1336-1649)Decline of the Mughal Empire
Vijayanagar Society And EconomyThe Maratha Kingdom
Vijayanagar Empire Cultural DevelopmentHaider Ali and Tipu Sultan
Modern Indian History General Knowledge
Raja Ram Mohan Roy & Brahmo SamajMontagu-Chelmsford Reforms or the Government of India Act 1919
Swami Dayanand Saraswati & Arya SamajRowlatt Act, 1919
Swami Vivekananda & Ramakrishna MissionJallianwala Bagh Massacre [April 13, 1919]
Theosophical Society & Annie BesantThe Khilafat Movement, 1919-1920
Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan & the Aligarh MovementThe Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-22)
Other MovementsSimon Commission, 1927
Social and Religious Reform Movements in Bengal and ElsewhereThe Nehru Report (1928)
Subsidiary Alliance- Merits And DemeritsCivil Disobedience Movement (March 12, 1930 – March 5, 1931)
Doctrine Of Lapse- Lord DalhousieGandhi-Irwin Pact: March 5, 1931
Revolt Of 1857Round Table Conferences 1930-1932
Early Indian NationalismThe Government of India Act 1935
Causes For The Rise Of ExtremismWardha Scheme of Basic Education, 1937
The Morley-Minto Reform or the Indian Council Act 1909Quit India Movement 1942 or August Revolution
The Home Rule League, 1916The Left Movement and Congress Socialist Party
Montagu Declaration or August Declaration [1917]List of Books & Newspaper during Freedom Struggle
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