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Structure of Phospholipid and their arrangement in Cell membrane

Structure of Phospholipid: Phospholipids are the triglyceride lipids where one fatty acid is replaced by phosphoric acid, attached to additional nitrogenous group like choline in lecithin phospholipid. The two fatty acids hydrocarbon chains and glycerol functions as hydrophobic (water-repellant) and forms the non-polar tail of the phospholipid molecule; whereas phosphate and nitrogenous compound, choline functions

Write a short note on Respiration?

Respiration: Respiration is the process of taking oxygen into the cells, using it to release energy from the digested food and eliminating the waste products (carbon dioxide and water). Respiration involves two main processes: Breathing or External Respiration: The process of taking in oxygen-rich air from the surrounding medium and giving out carbon dioxide-rich air

Write a short note on Metabolism?

Metabolism: The release of energy from food occurs in two stages. In the first stage, when complex molecules are broken down or decomposed into simpler ones. In the second stage, when the simpler food components (example- glucose) are oxidized in cytoplasm and mitochondria using oxygen of the air into CO2 and H2O and releasing an

Working of Nitrogen Cycle in Nature

Working of Nitrogen Cycle in Nature: Nitrogen is an essential constituent of all living organisms, namely, plants and animals. The atmosphere is the chief source of nitrogen. It is estimated that the atmosphere alone contains four thousand billion tonnes of nitrogen. Only a small quantity of nitrogen is present in the combined state and it

Define living beings. Discuss the important characteristics of living organisms?

Living Beings or Living Organisms: Living organisms are those which possess the characteristic of life and are essentially made up of a life-giving substance called Protoplasm which forms cells and tissues of one kind or the other. Example- plants and animals are living beings. Important characteristics of Living Organisms: Metabolism: Living things have the ability

Discuss the development of seed habit. What characters of seed plants make them specially adapted to life on land?

Development of Seed Habit: The development of seed habit starts from the gymnosperms. The seeds are dispersed by wind. Then onwards the plants do not depend upon water for fertilization. The embryo with food reserves in the dry seed is, therefore, a tiny plant in a dormant or inactive state protected by a seed coat.