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Functions of the Parliament

Functions of the Parliament: India has adopted a parliamentary form of government in which a harmonious relationship between the executive and legislature is brought about through the executive being formed out of the legislature which enjoys the confidence of the Parliament. Parliament is the supreme legislature and the most important wing of the Government, which

Polity GK Compilation from JKPSC Exam 2013

Polity GK Compilation from JKPSC Exam 2013: 1. Politics ‘as the authoritative allocation of value’ was stated by:(A) David Easton(B) Harold Laswell(C) Charles Merriam(D) Almond Ans: David Easton (A) 2. The chief exponent of the legal theory of sovereignty is:(A) Austin(B) Bodin(C) Rousseau(D) Locke Ans: Austin (A) 3. Procedure of amendment to the constitution is given in:(A) Article 370(B) Article 368(C) Article

Fundamental Duties GK

Fundamental Duties GK: Fundamental duties were added to the Constitution of India on the recommendation of which Committee- Swaran Singh Committee. Indian Constitution borrowed Fundamental Duties from which Constitution of the world- Soviet Constitution (USSR or Russia). Fundamental Duties were added in which part of the Constitution- Part IV-A. Which article of the constitution contained

Download NIOS Political Science Books For Competitive Exam

NIOS Political Science Books For Competitive Exam: Individual and The State: Chapter 1: Meaning and Scope of Political Science. Chapter 2: Nation and State. Chapter 3:  Distinction between Society, Nation, State and Government. Chapter 4: Major Political Theories. Aspects of the Constitution of India: Chapter 5:  Preamble and the Salient Features of the Constitution of

Preamble Of Indian Constitution GK

Preamble Of Indian Constitution GK: What is Preamble- Introduction or Preface to the Constitution. Which was the first constitution to begin with a Preamble- American Constitution. Who called Preamble as the ‘identity card of the Constitution’- N.A.Palkhivala. Which three new words added by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976 in the Preamble- Socialist, Secular &