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Essay on My Visit to a Historical Place

My Visit to a Historical Place: A visit to a historical place is a thrilling experience. One learns many new things. One enhances one’s knowledge. It is almost a unique experience. One meets many new people, one’s horizon of learning increases. What a pleasure! What a joy! I had a long-standing desire of visiting the

Essay on Science and Religion

Science and Religion: Till recently it was believed that Science and religion are completely opposed to each other in their objectives and their methods. The former is based on reason and the latter on faith. It was taken for granted that reason is always right and that faith is opposed to reason. Thus while scholars,

Short Essay on Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship means team spirit. Team spirit means working in co-operation for the achievement of a common goal. Team spirit teaches the qualities of co-operation, discipline, punctuality, obedience and so on. Achieving a goal through co-operative and disciplined efforts means sportsmanship. Achieving a goal is not the monopoly of a particular sportsman. One is to