Short Essay on A Football Match

Short Essay on A Football Match:

We witnessed a football match on last Sunday when our school played against the DPS School. The match was played on our own school ground. Both teams were equally strong and well-disciplined. A large number of people turned up to see the game.

Mr. Andrew acted as the referee. At exactly 4 P.M., he whistled and both the teams wearing the colors of their respective schools entered the field amidst loud cheers of applause and ovation. Our team won the toss and chose to defend the eastern goal. The referee then whistled again and the game started with a kick-off.

The game was very exciting from the very start. Both sides played well and seemed to be equally balanced. The ball was passed and repassed, kicked and headed and the spectators cheered to encourage the players. Our forwards were very active. They took the ball and rushed at the opponents. Though the DPS forwards could not stand the attack, their half-back stood like a strong wall of steel. One kick from the half-back and the ball came bounding to our side.

Our players began to show signs of exhaustion by this time. Christopher, the left-out of the DPS made a sudden dash forward and by a simple resounding kick passed the ball on to Alexander. Alexander played a clever game. He dodged the half-back, tricked the backs, and shot the ball straight. That was the greatest moment of suspense for us. But Aman, our goalkeeper stood calm with all his wits about him. Lion-like he sprang upon the ball, clutched at it, and dodged fox-like all who obstructed him and then gave the ball a bounding kick to the other side. There was a great ovation by the on-lookers. Our boys yelled themselves hoarse. Immediately after, the halftime was called, and we dashed forward and carried Aman on our shoulders and danced for joy and for his presence of mind and quickness of action.

In the second half, the players of DPS played a cautious game. Steve of the opposing team, stealing a chance, kicked the ball right through the goal. The students of the DPS School shouted a loud hurrah and they were mad with joy. Our men now grew desperate. The blood of Harshit, our captain, was up. He was roused as if from sleep. Our forwards under his lead moved up. Ved, the right-out, judged a right and passed the ball gently to Satish. Satish in cooperation with other forwards opened up a strong offense. The half-backs of the rival side gave away, the backs were out-witted and their defense came crumbling to the ground. Satish with a supreme effort headed the ball straight into the goal. So we equalized the goal.

The moments that followed were full of excitement. The players of DPS became desperate and began to play foul. Both sides did their best to score a goal till a corner kick was given to us. The kick was so sure and effective that the ball passed through the poles of the goal. Our opponents strained every nerve to pass the ball through our goal, but our captain had strengthened the defense and their every effort was in vain. We won the game by 2 to 1 goal.

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