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Download NIOS Biology For UPSC And NEET Exam

Download NIOS Biology For UPSC And NEET Exam- Both In English / Hindi: Lesson 1. Origin and Evolution of Life and Introduction to Classification पाठ 1. जीवन कि उत्पत्ति एवं विकास और वर्गिकरण से परिचय Lesson 2. The Kingdom Monera, Protoctista and Fungi पाठ 2. जगत मोनेरा, व फंजाई Lesson 3. Kingdom Plantae and Animalia

Human Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System: It is an accessory system of fluid circulation in which tissue fluid collected from interstitial spaces is passed into the blood. It consists of lymph, lymph capillaries, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Lymph: The lymph is colourless mobile fluid connective tissue. It consists of two parts i.e. a fluid matrix the plasma and

Write the names of the respiratory organs present in human being. Explain them briefly.

Respiratory organs present in human being: Nasal Cavity: Nasal Cavity is a hollow structure partitioned into two nasal chambers by the nasal septum. It is composed of cartilage, bone, connective tissue and muscles. There are pairs of openings situated at the anterior and posterior ends of the nasal chambers. The anterior nostrils lead to the

Skeletal System

What is Skeletal System? The hard parts of an animal body present inside or outside the body collectively form the skeletal system or Skeleton. Types of Skeleton: Skeleton is of two types- Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton. Exoskeleton: It is protective and supportive framework present outside the body. An exoskeleton is made up of hard structures or

Adrenal Cortex- Important Hormones And Deficiency Disorders

Hormones Secreted by the Adrenal Cortex are the following- Mineralocorticoids: These are the steroid hormones secreted by the outermost cellular layer (zona glomerulosa) of the adrenal cortex. The fundamental mineral corticosteroid is aldosterone. Its secretion occurs when there is a fall in plasma sodium concentration or rise in plasma potassium. They control electrolyte and water


What are Neurohormones? How do these Neurohormones reach the pituitary glands? The hypothalamus is located inferior to the thalamus of the brain and it secretes neurohormones. Neurohormones are secreted by neurosecretory cells located within supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus. These hormones influence the activity of pituitary glands. These neurohormones secreted by the hypothalamus