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Meaning of Neo-Vedant Philosophy

Meaning of Neo-Vedant Philosophy: Neo-vedant, as is explicit from the very term, is the philosophy of vedant in the modern garb or the philosophy of vedant reinterpreted in the light of modern knowledge. As a consequent effect of this re-interpretation, the Vedantist philosophy has acquired a new and somewhat different form. In order to appreciate

Bradley Concept of Truth

Bradley Concept of Truth: Bradley represents the fundamental Absolutist approach to the problem of truth. Every real thing, according to Bradley, has two aspects, existence and character, the ‘that’ and the ‘what’ respectively. Now, thought distinguishes between existence and character and again relates them in a judgement as subject and predicate. Thus, judgement is an

Rousseau Philosophy

Rousseau Philosophy: Rousseau emerged as a revolutionary philosopher. His philosophy emerged as a reaction against the contemporary social and political set up. Whatever, he thought and wrote was a reaction to hypocrisy, artificially, cruelty, correlation and despotism prevalent during those times. His philosophy is usually designated by the term “Naturalism“. The keynotes of his philosophy

Brief Life Sketch of Plato

Brief Life Sketch of Plato: Plato, the first Western educational philosopher, was born in 427 B.C. in Athens (Greece). He belonged to a very respectable and aristocratic family. The name of Plato’s father was Ariston. He was a skilful player. At that time, the imparting of education through various games and music was prevalent in

Philosophy Of Karl Marx

Philosophy Of Karl Marx: Dialectical Method Of Karl Marx: In Marx’s dialectical method three laws deserve mention- Law of mutual inclusion of opposites: According to this law, the existence of all objects is inclusive in each other. None exists separately. In the same way, even in different states of the same thing, the preceding states