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Concept of Westernization

Concept of Westernization: In his study of the Coorg, Srinivas made several references to Western influence and remarked that improvements in communications, newspapers, book, radio, films etc. have resulted in greater Sanskritization. In his paper “A note on Westernization and Sanskritization” (1956), he further analyzed how westernization and Sanskritization reinforce one another and how they

Concept of Sanskritization

Concept of Sanskritization: The spate of village studies in India brought in its wake a number of useful concepts, models and constructs to understand the structure, and processes of change in the structure of Indian Civilization, primarily based on Redfield’s ideas of civilization great and little communities, and great and little traditions etc. These studies

Dr Zakir Husain Views on Basic Education

Dr Zakir Husain Views on Basic Education: Dr Zakir Husain was a staunch supporter of Basic Education. He believed that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties of children could be drawn out and developed in a balanced way through Basic Education which is craft-centred, creative, productive and self-supporting. He originally thought of productive work

Rabindranath Tagore Shantiniketan School

Rabindranath Tagore Shantiniketan School: The word Shantiniketan means “the abode of peace”. It was here that Rabindranath Tagore gave a practical shape to his educational ideas. There is an atmosphere of joy and freedom, love and peace, sympathy and nobleness of spirit, simple living and high thinking. Aims of Tagore Shantiniketan School: Homely Atmosphere- To

Impact of Montessori on Modern Education

Impact of Montessori on Modern Education: Scientific Concept of Education- Today we treat education as a science. We depend upon experimentation, observation and other scientific methods for improvement in the field of education. Montessori gave a scientific approach to education and laid emphasis on observation and experimentation. Emphasis on Individual Teaching- In the modern system

Mahatma Gandhiji General Philosophy

Mahatma Gandhiji General Philosophy: Mahatma Gandhi, the great philosopher, educationist and experimenter expressed his views on everything from God to birth-control. He was deeply influenced by the humanist idealism of India’s past. Here is given a brief description of his philosophical doctrines- Firm Faith in God- Like all idealists, Gandhiji had firm faith in God.