The Lion and The Mouse Story

The Lion and The Mouse Story:

It was a hot summer day. A lion was lying in the shade of a tree. A cool breeze was blowing. So, he fell fast asleep. A tiny mouse lived nearby. It came out of its hole to enjoy the fresh air. It began to frisk about joyfully. By chance, it ran over the lion’s body. The lion woke up. He flew into a rage. He caught the poor little mouse in his paw. He was going to crush it to death. But the mouse begged for mercy. It said to the lion, “O king of the forest! have pity on me. Forgive me this time and don’t kill me. If you spare my life, I may be able to help you someday.” The lion simply laughed at these words. But he let the mouse go. The mouse thanked him for his kindness and ran back to its hole. After some days, a hunter cast his net in the forest. The same lion was caught in it. He struggled hard to free himself, but all in vain. He began to roar with pain. By chance, the little mouse heard his roar. It came out of his hole and saw the lion was in trouble. It began to bite the ropes of the net with its sharp teeth and soon cut them all. The lion was now free. He thanked his little friend for his timely help and went back into his den. In this way, this story gives us the moral lesson that kindness never goes unrewarded.


It was a winter day. A lion lay near his den basking in the sun. A mouse lived in a hole nearby. The mouse came out. It climbed up the body of the lion and sometimes hid in his thick mane, sometimes danced and ran on his body. The lion woke up. He got furious. He caught hold of the mouse in his paw. When the lion was about to crush the mouse, the latter prayed for mercy and begged the lion to release it. The mouse further said that it might be of any help to the king of the forest in the future. The lion laughed and laughed saying that a tiny creature like the mouse could be of no assistance to the powerful lion. However, the lion set the mouse free. A few days after a hunter came to the same forest. He laid net there. Perchance the same lion came loitering there and was caught in the net. The lion tried hard to get loose but all his trials were of no avail. The lion roared and roared as hard as he could. The mouse heard his roaring and rushed to the spot. Seeing the lion entrapped, the mouse started nibbling the meshes of the net and freed his benefactor in no time. The lion thanked the mouse.

Moral Lesson: “One good turn deserves another” Or “Kindness never goes unrewarded”

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