5 Paragraphs Based on Tragedy

5 Paragraphs Based on Tragedy:

A Road Accident:

I was once an eye-witness to a road accident. I was travelling by bus from Ludhiana to Jalandhar. Our driver was very rash. A few persons requested him to see reason. But, he went his way. In the meantime, another bus tried to overtake our bus. Our driver took it as a challenge. He did not make way. The other driver drove still faster. Very soon, both the buses began to run parallel on the road. Within no time, a truck came from the opposite side. There was a head-on collision between the overtaking bus and the truck. The drivers of both the vehicles died on the spot. Four other persons also died. Two persons were injured seriously. It was a heart-rending sight. I feel pained whenever I am reminded of the accident.

A Railway Accident:

It is seldom that railway collision takes place. Whenever it does, it causes a great loss of life and property. Once, I was travelling to Delhi by the Frontier Mail. Suddenly, a loud explosion rent my ears. Our compartment jolted. The train came to a sudden halt. We rushed out. The engine and the three bogies had ploughed into the fields. Some of the people were crying. Others were shouting for help. People from all the remaining compartments rushed for help. In the meantime, people from the adjoining villages also gathered. Teams of doctors also arrived. They gave first aid to the injured. Some of the injured were dragged out of the smashed bogies. Some of them seriously injured were sent to nearby hospitals. They were carried in ambulance vans. It was a very horrible sight. My hair stands on end whenever I am reminded of it.

An Aeroplane Crash:

I was an eye-witness to an aeroplane crash that occurred last month. While going to Sahnewal on a bicycle, I heard a big noise in the sky. I saw big flames of fire coming down upon the earth. I found the debris of an aeroplane scattered. Some of the injured passengers were crying in pain. Some others were lying dead. I ran to the nearby police station. The police brought doctors also. They gave first-aid. The serious ones were rushed to the hospitals at Ludhiana. Some of them were charred. Some of them had their limbs cut off. It was the most horrible sight. For days together, I could not forget what I had seen.

A House on Fire:

A house on fire is the most dreadful thing. It is a sight that sends shivers in the heart of a person. I witnessed this horrible scene I was suddenly awakened at night by cries. I saw the neighbouring house in flames. People were running with buckets in their hands. They were throwing water on it. I rang up the fire brigade. All inmates except a child and an old person had moved out of the house. A daring young man humped into the House. He brought both of them out. In this effort, he got some burn injuries. But, everybody was praising him. The fire brigade fought flames for about two hours. But a major portion of the house had been reduced to ashes. Luckily, there was no loss of life. Whenever I am reminded of the scene, my heart begins to sink.

A Drowning Tragedy:

On the Baisakhi day, I went to the river Sutlej for a bath. The aged and the children were taking bath near the bank. However, some of the young boys were swimming in the mid-stream. It was very deep there. Currents of water flowed up and down. Suddenly, a boy was caught in the currents. He began to cry for help. A dare-devil jumped into the waves. He brought him out with great difficulty. The boy was unconscious. One of the persons knew first aid. He gave him artificial respiration. A car owner took him to a nearby hospital. He was declared dead. In the meantime, his parents had reached the hospital. I could not bear the crying relatives. I felt sorry that happy occasions sometimes turn into grief.

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