Essay on Dowry System

Essay on Dowry System:

India is a traditional land inhabited by backward people. There are still prevalent many social evils that need to be wiped out now that the country is free. The progress of India will depend chiefly upon our efforts to combat these evils which have been eating into the very vitals of society. All our effort to improve the social and economic standards of the people will come to nothing if we fail to eradicate such evil customs and practices as bonded labour, child marriage, wasteful expenditure on ceremonies and, above all, the dowry system.

There can be no two opinions that the dowry system is an age-old curse. Democracy is meaningless if social reforms are not affected in it. The existence of such evils as the Dowry system has weakened our democratic system. It has commercialized the sacred institution of marriage and blighted the prospects of a happy marriage. To treat marriage as a monetary transaction is morally degrading and socially unsound. It speaks of the mean mentality of the parents and their children. Naturally, parents feel that it is a curse to have daughters. Many promising girls of the marriageable age has committed suicide and many girls have remained without a life partner. Such has been the dread of this evil social custom.

Moreover, providing a dowry is a costly affair. Prices of various items of dowry have risen sky-high and a man of average means finds it difficult to afford any dowry. The system has proved ruinous for the poor sections of society. The rich find no difficulty in making arrangements for a handsome dowry with their black money. The poor while imitating the rich, are put to great hardships and often go bankrupt.

The offer of a big, handsome dowry is a source of great drain on the people’s purse. They cannot lead a better life. They are economically hard hit.

Marriage is the union of two souls. It is more a spiritual rather than a physical bond. No abiding and deeply emotional relationship can be built between man and woman if it is raised on the shifting sandy foundation of the dowry system. Such a marriage will not result in conjugal bliss (happiness of marriage). It should be based on the love and compatibility of temperaments. A young girl who knows well how her parents were put to a great hardship while arrangement for her dowry, will never excuse her husband.

In 1975, the International Women’s Year, it was emphasized that the dowry system should go root and branch otherwise women folk might rise in revolt against its increasing menace (threat). Some states have already banned the dowry system and declared the acceptance or giving of dowry a crime under the law. The Central Government has laid down that any Central Government servant who is found giving or receiving dowry will be severely dealt with. The Government is organizing vigorous campaigns to arouse the social consciousness of the people against the offer and acceptance of dowry directly or indirectly as a consideration for marriage.

Social organizations, too, are doing their best to eradicate this evil. The anti-dowry campaign started by some social organizations like the Samaj Sudhar Sabhas has improved the state of affairs a lot. They are educating the people against evil. But much remains yet to be done to banish the deep-rooted evil. Only relentless efforts on all fronts by all agencies- the government, public and individuals, etc. might bring about a change in the attitude of the people en-mass to eradicate the evil once for all. Sensible and self-respecting young men themselves, should come forward to reject the evil practice and refuse to sell themselves.

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