Short Essay on The Prize Distribution Function

Essay on The Prize Distribution Function:

The prize distribution function is one of the most important school functions. The prize winners come to school in their gaudy dresses showing off airs of superiority and victory.

This year our school prize distribution function was held on March 3. Great preparations were made for the occasion. A huge canopy was set up. The compound was decorated with pictures, mottos, buntings and festoons. A raised dais was made under the canopy. On the dais, the chairs for the President and special invitees were placed. Special seating arrangements were made for the parents of the school children. The prizes were arranged on the tables close to the Presidents’ chair.

The President arrived at exact 3 P.M. The Principal and the senior staff of the school received him at the gate and garlanded him profusely. The school band played a welcome tune and N.C.C. troops presented a guard of honour. The President took his seat amid loud cheers.

The function opened with a prayer. A short play was staged by the school children. Then followed songs, recitations and dialogues. Physical feats were also displayed by the school athletes and gymnasts.

Then the Principal came to the mike. He read out the annual report. The report showed the all-around progress of the school in co-curricular activities as well as in the School Education Board and University results.

Now the President stood up amid deafening cheers to give away the prizes to the prize winners. The Principal in turn read out the names of the prize winners. They came to the dais one by one and received their prizes. Each prize winner when came to the dais saluted the President and after receiving the prize shook hands with him. The prizes were for winners of sports and for those who got distinction in the annual examination.

Then the President delivered a short speech. He congratulated the prize winners. He spoke a few consolation words for those who had failed to win prizes. He praised the Principal and the staff for the interest they were taking in the betterment of the school and that of the students at large.

The Principal then came to the mike. He thanked the President and the gentry that has made the function a success. With the hearty send-off of the President, the function came to a close.

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