Essay on My Favourite Book

Essay on My Favourite Book:

Books are the precious life-blood of authors. They contain the best thoughts and feelings of their writers. They are written after years of labour and patient study. A good book is the outcome of years of labour spent by the author in his study room.

Books are of different kinds. There are good as well as bad books. With the facility of printing, books are being produced in thousands every day. But all books are not good. Some of them are mere books of the hour. Some of them are not fit to be read by good readers.

I generally read those books which have stood the test of time. I like only those books which have been worthy of study over years. I have read a number of books which I would like to read again and again. There are many books which are my favourite. However, I love the tragedies of Shakespeare, the novel of Dickens and the plays of Bernard Shaw. But, there is one book which is my most favourite.

It is “Macbeth” written by Shakespeare. It is a tragedy. Still, I like it. Macbeth is the story of an ambitious man. Lady Macbeth is no less ambitious. They hatch a conspiracy to kill King Duncan. Macbeth succeeds in his aim. He kills the king and himself becomes the king of Scotland. Lady Macbeth becomes the queen. After that, Macbeth plans the murder of his chieftain, Banque and Lady Macduff and her son because they are closely related to his enemy Macduff. But, in the end, Macbeth dies at the hands of Macduff. Lady Macbeth becomes mad and commits suicide.

The story has been told very beautifully by Shakespeare. If we begin the book once, we cannot help finishing it in one reading. It interests the reader very much.

The characters have been drawn in a marvellous way. The characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are very appealing. The chief attraction lies in the character of Lady Macbeth. She appears to be a fearful woman by her speeches. In fact, she is very tender and soft. We sympathize with her due to her tragic end.

I love Macbeth for its wonderful speeches. I loved Macbeth for its witches and ghosts. It has a great moral lesson. It teaches that the wage of sin is death. Those who follow the wrong course will surely come to grief one day.

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