Essay on Prohibition in India

Essay on Prohibition in India:

The evil of drinking is as old as the world itself. No country in the world is free from this evil. This evil is rather spreading fast. It is becoming more popular. This is in spite of the fact that every religion teaches against the use of intoxicating drinks. In India, it is becoming a great social and economic problem. That is why the need for prohibition has been felt in India.

Prohibition means prohibiting people from taking alcoholic drinks and drugs. It means prohibited by law the manufacture, distribution, sale, consumption and import of intoxicating drugs, drinks or liquors.

Prohibition in India is the greatest need of today. India is very poor. An ordinary person cannot afford it. A person who cannot buy the necessities of life has no right to spend his hard-earned money on drinking. If he does so, he is committing cruelty to his children. He deprives the children of their due share from his income. He cannot give good education, food and clothes to his children. People addicted to drinking even sell their household articles.

Drunkness makes a man lose his thinking power. He cannot distinguish between good and bad. It leads to crimes. That is why a drunkard often beats his wife.

Moreover, drinking is harmful to health. It produces many ailments. It harms the liver in particular. When the liver is harmed, life becomes shorter. It is a great sin to cut short your life as your children need you very badly.

Drinking becomes a habit. This habit continues to increase. When once cultivated it is very difficult to get rid of this habit. Better this habit not be cultivated at all.

There are many people who argue against prohibition. They say that is a pleasure for the wealthy. It provides happiness to ordinary people on festival occasions. It is a great source of inspiration to the poets. It is required as a stimulant by the weak. It helps forget the worries of life. It helps the labourers relieve their physical dullness.

We must remember that evil results are far too many. Drinking is the mother of many evils. It leads to the loss of all good qualities. It loses reason, modesty and decency. It loses efficiency. It leads to accidents. It leads to bankruptcy. There are no two opinions about it.

So, prohibition is our greatest necessity. Drinking is a really dangerous kind of pleasure. The government must enforce prohibition even if it means a loss in revenue.

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