Short Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Short Essay on My Favourite Teacher:

A teacher is highly respected in India. He deserves this respect as a builder of the nation. There are, however, various categories of teachers. Some are respected, and some are feared. Some of the teachers are highly intelligent, some are only mediocre. There are others who may be intelligent but cannot make the students understand. Only a teacher with the qualities of head and heart and the ability to make students understand is respected.

I study in the Care Public School, New Delhi. There are more than sixty teachers. But I like Miss Komal Sharma the most. She is my favourite teacher. She is our English teacher. She teaches eighth and ninth classes. Ever since she joined our school, she has brought about a revolution in teaching methods.

She is very intelligent. More than a teacher, she is a student in this school too. She always keeps in touch with the latest methods of teaching. She reads the relevant magazines and books. She is a past master in the art of understanding student psychology.

She has a special qualification. She has studied linguistics. So, she teaches us the correct pronunciation of English words. She is very particular about grammar also. She takes real pains. She corrects the exercise books of all the students. Though a laborious job, she does it pleasantly.

She explains everything so nicely. She brings everything home to the students. She encourages students to ask unhesitantly what they do not follow. She comes down to the level of the students. The whole of the class is satisfied with her teaching. There is thus no noise in the class.

In addition, she is herself a great orator. She has won many prizes in declamation contests during her college days. So, she has taken upon herself the duty of preparing the students for declamation, debates and other activities. It is all due to her efforts that our school students got first prize in a declamation contest held at the Arya School only recently.

More than a teacher, she is our friend, philosopher and guide.

She is an ideal teacher in every respect. I shall ever cherish her memory in love and respect.

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