Short Essay on My First Day at School

Short Essay on My First Day at School:

Life is full of new events. One has to face many situations in life. One has to make experiment with different things. Going to a school for the first time is, for a child, to face altogether a new situation.

It was the third of February. I was to appear in the entrance test. I had prepared well for the test. I had learnt the English alphabet. I had learnt arithmetical tables. I had learnt to tell different things from their pictures. My mother kissed me. She blessed me for a brilliant career. I had never been to school. It was a new experience, a new world to me.

My father accompanied me. I was wonder-struck at the sight of the School building. It was a multi-storeyed building. The school had a very spacious compound. The school building stood all around it. The way from the gate to the Principal’s office was decorated with flower pots.

Many parents and students were waiting outside the Principal’s office. We occupied the chairs meant for the visitors. A teacher came and noted down the names of the students who wanted to seek admission. We were then led into a nearby room. The students appeared before different teachers for oral tests. I fared very nicely. I replied to all the questions to the satisfaction of the teachers.

At about 12 noon, the principal had a personal interview with the parents of the children. This process continued for about two hours. It was at 3 p.m. that our result of admission was declared. I was placed third on the merit list. My father paid the admission charges amounting to Rs. 800/-.

I was given admission in Section A of the Nursery class. The teacher incharge of the class led all the students of her section to the classroom. This was by way of introduction. She made us sit on the class chairs. I felt very happy.

It was at 4 p.m. that we reached back home. We were very happy. My parents felt very proud of me. I still remember that my joy knew no bounds.

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