A Sports Day in My School Short Essay

A Sports Day in My School Short Essay:

Like studies, sports are also necessary. If studies is for the soul, sports are for the body. No one can deny the truth that a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. If one is not healthy, one cannot pursue his studies properly.

That is why sports are an important part of the school. However, some students are good at their studies. Others are good at sports. There are very few students who are good at both. I am one of those who are good at both.

Our school celebrates Sports Day in February every year. This year, it was celebrated on the 14th of February. The Governor of Delhi was the chief guest.

The school building was white-washed and polished. The school playground was tastefully decorated. On one side, there was the pavilion. On the side, a gateway was made.

The chief guest arrived on time. The police had made strict security arrangements. He was received at the gate by the Principal, members of the staff and athletes. He was introduced to the athletes. Then he was presented with a guard of honour.

Immediately thereafter, the sports commenced. The sports began with a 100-metre race. The race started with the bang of a pistol. Time was recorded with the help of a stopwatch. I missed the first position by 22 seconds. I stood second. It was not a bad performance. Similarly, 200-metre and 500-metre races were also held. The name of those securing first, second and third positions was announced.

The long jump and high jump competitions were very exciting. I topped the high-jump performance. Many other events such as shot-put and hammer-throw were also held. It was all fun to witness the three-legged race, matki race and potato race. These events sent even the most serious spectators to laughter.

The chief guest distributed the prizes. He lauded me personally. I had won two prizes. The Principal thanked the Chief Guest. National Anthem was sung and the function came to a close.

It was an eventful day in my life. I cannot describe the joy I experienced. I feel proud that the Governor singled me out for the personal praise.

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