5 Important Paragraphs For School Exams

5 Important Paragraphs For School Exams:

The Values of Games:

Games help us keep fit. Those who take exercise daily, seldom fall ill. It is, therefore, very essential for every student to play one or the other game. Games teach physical education. Physical education builds character. Games teach the spirit of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship teaches cooperation, team spirit, discipline and proper behaviour. All these qualities make one a good citizen. Athletes are a sign of the health of a nation. Some of the players are the pride of their country. Nowadays, games have acquired international importance. Matches on the international level help in developing friendly relations among different countries. It is a matter of great satisfaction that women have also started taking part in games.

The Choice of a Profession or My Ambition in Life:

Ambition means a strong desire to achieve something great. However, the choice of a profession is a difficult job. One would like to be a doctor, the other an engineer, and so only. The whole life of a person depends upon his choice of profession. Every person cannot become a politician. A businessman is always after money. A lawyer is also the servant of money. An administrator loses touch with humanity. A doctor fleeces money even from the dying patients. A teacher is very poorly paid. I have decided to become a writer. I shall make a good living also. I have been a regular contributor to the College Magazine. A writer becomes immortal through his writings.

My Best Friend:

A man cannot live without society. He needs friends. Friendship is indeed the union of two souls. I have a very sincere and true friend. His name is Gourav. He is my class fellow. His father is a doctor and his mother is a lecturer. He is a very brilliant student. But, he is not a bookworm. He takes a keen interest in games. He believes that a healthy mind can live only in a healthy body. He is very well behaved. He helps the needy. He is very respectful and polite. He is punctual and regular in everything. He is a regular visitor to the library. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He always speaks the truth. He does not believe in showing off. I thank God for having blessed me with such a sincere, affectionate and best friend.

A Morning Walk:

A walk is the lightest exercise. A walk in the morning is especially useful to persons of all ages. It refreshes one’s mind. It keeps one medically fit. That is why I have never missed my morning walk. I have to walk four miles up to the canal bank. Nature is at her best in the early hours. The breeze is cool, fresh and fragrant. The birds sing sweet songs. Their young-one chirp. The dewdrops on the green grass shine like pearls. Flowers of different kinds and hues are grown along the bank of the canal. The fresh flowers laden with dew wave their heads in the morning breeze. There is nothing but fragrance all around. We take exercise. The rising sun looks like a ball of fire. The walk keeps me fresh throughout the day. At night, I enjoy a sound sleep.

A Visit to a Historical Building or A Visit to the Taj:

Our class paid a visit to the Taj. It is known for its natural beauty. The entrance to the Taj is through a big door. Green gardens adorn the surroundings. Just then, there is a row of fountains leading to the Taj. It stands on a raised platform. It is surrounded by Cyprus trees on three sides. It is the Yamuna that flows on the fourth side. It is indeed a splendid building ever visited by us. It looks like a silver structure. The dome lies in between the four towers standing like watchmen at each corner. The graves of Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, are downstairs. While looking at the Taj, I felt lost. I look like a white fairy. In the moonlit night especially, its beauty is beyond description. Its reflection in the river makes it a dream in marble. It is, however, not a dream but a reality. It is a wonderful monument of Mughal architecture. Twenty thousand workmen worked day and night for twenty years to complete it. It cost about three crores of rupees. It was got built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Like a thing of beauty that gives joy forever, the Taj stands in memory.

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