A Flight in an Aeroplane Short Essay

A Flight in an Aeroplane Short Essay:

In the field of aviation, the aeroplane has done wonders. The passenger aeroplane fly at an amazingly great speed and the long distances are covered in hours. You may have breakfast at Shimla and lunch in Mumbai and dinner in Srinagar. A flight in an aeroplane is always memorable.

I had my first flight in an aeroplane last summer vacation. Fifteen students from India had to proceed on a goodwill mission from Mumbai to Britain. I was one among those selected students. I was in Delhi then and had to join the party in Mumbai in haste.

I went to the aerodrome and bought an air ticket. The plane was ready to take off. It was a big plane having 320 seats. I boarded the plane. The seats were very comfortable. We were asked to fasten belts around ourselves on the seals. We were given cotton pieces to plug our ears.

At first, the plane glided along the ground and then suddenly took off. Now the belts were unfastened. I peeped below. The multi-storeyed buildings of Delhi looked like toys. Men and women appeared as pigmies while the rivers seemed like twisted silvery threads. The air was cool and refreshing. I felt as if I was flying in the air like birds.

After half an hour I felt little nausea. The air hostess gave me lemon drops. I got over my trouble soon. We were, now, in the midst of clouds. The air hostess came and described the situation and also the scenery outside. This over, we were served with light tea.

A radio played light music. Papers and periodicals were also lying there for the passengers to read and amuse themselves. I took one of the periodicals and was busy reading it. All this while the plane was plying at its usual speed of 1000 kilometres an hour. We were heading towards Mumbai.

Soon the plane began to fly down. An announcement was made of our nearing Mumbai. The aerodrome of Mumbai was in sight. Things once again began to look bigger in size. Belts were again fastened. The plane glided on the run-way and then stopped. We, the passengers, unfastened our belts, gathered our belongings and started going down the stairs attached to the plane. My journey by air was a happy experience.

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