A House on Fire Short Essay

A House on Fire Short Essay:

Fire is a good servant if it is under control, then it cooks our food, gives us warmth in winter by keeping the chill off and does so many other things for us. But if it gets out of control, it brings on a lot of havoc. Then it burns away anything that lies in its way. It does too much damage to the property as well as to the life.

Last Saturday a fire broke out at night in the house of an eminent doctor in our city. It was alleged that the short circuit of live electric wire was the cause of the fire. The flames rose so high as if they were licking the sky. The entire locality came under the thick volume of clouds of smoke.

Soon a large number of people gathered there. They started throwing dust and pouring water over the fire but it was all in vain. Fire leapt on and on and the whole of the building was ablaze in no time. The doctor stood stunned outside the house. His wife was beating her breast as her only child was left sleeping in a room on the first floor. I could not stand her bewailings. I saw that the window of the room was open. I at once rested a ladder against the window and darted up the ladder. In the next moment, I brought down the child safe and sound. People applauded me for my courage and the parents of the child blessed me again and again.

Meanwhile, someone informed the Fire Brigade. The Fire Brigade people started firefighting in earnest. It took them an hour to bring the fire under control. They had still to fight with the fire for an hour more to extinguish it perfectly.

The loss of property was very heavy but thank God there was no loss of life.

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