Short Essay on A Plesant Dream

Essay on A Plesant Dream:

Dreams are common with every person. However, some persons have light and negligible dreams. There are others who have dreams in abundance. We have dreams because our unconscious mind works at night. Whatever unfulfilled desires we have, are stored there. When our unconscious mind works, we find the realization of our suppressed and unfulfilled desires.

I myself have an abundance of dreams. The moment I lie down, the train of dreams sets in. Last Saturday, I had a pleasant dream. I saw the fulfilment of my long-cherished desire. I found myself at Shimla.

I was strolling with my friends at the mall. It was evening. There was a great rush of people. New-wed couples were moving merrily. We enjoyed coffee at the Blaijee Restaurant. The people were sitting there in a very carefree mood.

At the Scandal point, we saw the statue of Lala Lajpat Rai. Above the Ridge, there was the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Some people were sitting on benches. Others were moving about. At one place, I saw a big rush of people. We moved to that place. We found that shooting for a film was going on. The actress was not performing well. The Director was instructing and shouting at her. The spectators were simply enjoying the scene.

After that, we went to the Skating Rink. We put on the skates and rolled on the wooden rink. I was reminded of my friends getting tired. But, I was not. They insisted upon me to leave. I did not. I shouted at them to go away if they don’t like the game.

This awakened my mother. She came running to me. She asked what the trouble with me was. I told her that I was just coming back from Shimla.

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