Essay on “An Ideal Citizen”

An Ideal Citizen:

Citizenship is a relationship between a person and his country. Citizenship can be attained by birth or adoption. Every person is a citizen of one or another country. It confers certain rights and duties upon him. The country affords him protection. It puts at his disposal opportunities for self-development. In turn, it demands certain duties. A citizen who discharges his duties honestly is an ideal citizen.

An ideal citizen considers duty first. He knows well that duty must be performed to enjoy rights. Rights and duties go hand in hand. What is my right is another’s duty. What is my duty is another’s right. If I make a speech, another must listen patiently. A person who insists on rights alone is not a good citizen. Freedom of speech does not mean that I should abuse others. I enjoy freedom within limits. It is the realization of this limit that makes life possible.

An ideal citizen casts his vote at the time of election. He makes proper use of it. He votes for a person known for efficiency, honesty, integrity. He votes for a person who believes in the unity and integrity of his country.

An ideal citizen is free from bigotry. He is secular. He makes no distinction on the basis of religion, region and caste. He works for the welfare of weaker sections of society.

An ideal citizen is law-abiding. He obeys faithfully the laws of his country. He pays all the taxes. He does not conceal income to evade income tax. He is aware that public welfare can be done by the government through taxes only.

An ideal citizen is politically conscious. He takes an active part in national affairs. He knows what is happening in his country. He knows what is happening in the neighbourhood of his country. He knows what is happening in the world.

An ideal citizen is a patriot. While doing his business, he does not ignore the national interest. In times of emergency, he is ready to make any sacrifice for his country. To him, national honour is dearer than life.

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