Essay on My Favourite Poet

My Favourite Poet:

I like English poetry. It has a number of great poets. It is difficult to say who is the best poet. Everyone has his quality. Shakespeare is the master of sublime poetry and music. Coleridge is a high-class dream-maker. He is the creator of romantic illusions. Shelley is a pleader of love and liberty. Keats creates a word of beauty. But my favourite poet is Wordsworth.

Wordsworth appeals to me the most. His poetry has a mysterious and soothing effect. He leads us to the world of peach. He was the co-founder of romantic revival in English poetry. He lifted it out of the drawing rooms. He gave a blow to the artificial tastes.

Wordsworth was born in 1770 in a little village named Cockermouth. The village was situated on the River Derwent in the English Lake Country. He inherited a deep love for the countryside and Nature from his ancestors. He developed intimacy and sympathy with the moods of nature in childhood. This grew more and more with the passage of time.

He proves the truth of the saying that a child is the father of the man. Whatever attraction for Nature he had in childhood, developed as he grew to be a man. He spent the greater part of his life daily in the company of Nature. He enjoyed the beautiful spots, the flowing of rivers and the majesty of mountains.

He describes the beauty of nature in a simple language. Simplicity was the guiding principle of his life. He was very fond of it.

He became a real lover and worshipper of Nature. He believed that Nature never betrays the lover. He advises us also to enter the world of Nature. Nature becomes for him a temple of God.

His poetry is full of blind love for Nature. Nature has a treasure of beautiful scenes. His descriptions are marvellous. He paints a peaceful country scene in the first twenty-two lines of ‘Tintern Abbey’. He draws a graphic picture of the beauty of the English countryside in ‘Nutting’. He gives a magical touch to the ordinary scenes. His description has a healing touch for the tired mind.

Nature is to Wordsworth, not mere vegetation. It is not a mere collection of objects. It is for him a manifestation of God. He sees the same spirit in Nature as he sees in man. In this way, he creates a spiritual relationship between Nature and Man.

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