A Visit to a Zoo Short Essay

A Visit to a Zoo Short Essay:

It was only last Sunday that I visited the Delhi zoo. I went with my friend. Our visit to the zoo was an amusing experience.

A zoo is a world in itself. It is a world of wild animals and birds. It is, however, designed artificially by man. Different categories of animals and birds have been kept under different conditions. Every effort has been made to provide them with natural surroundings. Expert veterinary doctors look after them.

In this small world are kept animals and birds from all countries of the world. It is a wonderful world. Animals and birds of different colours, shapes, and sizes, and speaking different voices are lodged there. However, the zoo is divided into different blocks.

Sparrows and parrots of different kinds and colours were the first to welcome us. There were also pigeons and cuckoos of different breeds. Their sweet and beautiful notes pleased our ears.

In the next block, the monkeys were amusing the people with their gestures. Some of them made faces at the teasing boys. The people were offering them parched grams. I also bought and offered and enjoyed myself. The baby monkeys were picking up the grams one by one from the ground. How nice it all looked!

The next block was meant for water birds and animals. A variety of cranes and ducks were swimming about in the tank. We had a glimpse of various types of fish. We were really struck with wonder. We were, however, frightened to see a crocodile in another section.

Then, we approached lawns where grass-eating animals such as deer, stag, goats and sheep were kept. The Chinese sheep and the African goats were a source of great attraction.

The next enclosures had two tigers, lions and their cubs. The cubs were playing with a ball in the pond. The tigers were basking in the sun. My friend threw a stone at the tiger which roared in anger. It was a frightful scene.

Then, we approached some cages which had bears. But, our attention was soon attracted by a rhinoceros. Its strong and heavy body was a source of great attraction.

A visit to a zoo is indeed a thrilling experience. It enables us to see creatures which we can never see otherwise. We should be kind to them.

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