A Visit to a Museum Short Essay

A Visit to a Museum Short Essay:

A museum is a repository (place) for the collection, exhibition and study of objects of artistic, scientific or historic interest. The museum in Jaipur situated in the Sawai Gardens is housed in a big building. It is a very big museum and attracts many visitors every day.

Last year I had a chance to visit the museum. It is really a treasure house of rare articles of art and crafts and wonderful things of the past. I saw life-size statues of Lord Buddha. They were made of stone. A few bronze statues were also there. They were thousands of years old and showed India’s advancement in sculptor (an art of carving).

The museum is divided into sections. One section has pottery from Poona. The other section has the brass work of Jaipur. The third section has walnut screens from Kashmir. The fourth section has fossils of some old goods excavated from Harappa. Some coins and ornaments of those days are also lying there. How surprising it is to find that ladies of 2000 years back were in no way behind the ladies of the modern time in the use of ornaments and jewellery! These ornaments, jewellery and golden coins speak of India’s great past.

Another section has arms of the past days. I saw a few heavy swords. I was told that those swords were of Rana Pratap and Shivaji. I saw a few coins of the Gupta period. There are numerous paintings of Rajput warriors. These paintings give an insight into the glories of Rajasthan.

The Health Section contains skeletons of men and animals. They are carefully preserved. The skeleton of a horse is very striking as it shows the working of the inner organs of his body.

The visit to the museum was very interesting for me. It laid bare before my mental eye the glorious past of India and the heroic life of the people of Rajasthan.

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