Essay on The Value of Youth Festivals

The Value of Youth Festivals:

Youth is the backbone of a nation. They are the pillars on which the nation rests. It is in the fitness of things that their energy may be properly used. It can be done through the celebration of youth festivals. These festivals are an integral part of education.

Youth festival is an annual festival where young boys and girls from different schools assemble to take part in cultural and literary activities. These festivals have become a very important medium of interchange of culture and promotion of discipline. These festivals are celebrated at local, state, national and international levels.

These festivals help develop a proper understanding and appreciation of the culture, language and traditions of students of other regions. It helps in the exchange of views on art and culture. It creates a spirit of love and friendship.

Students from different schools organize cultural programmes, organize debates, declamation contests, political symposiums and music concerts. Students take part in dance, drama and music. These festivals widen the outlook of the students.

The youth festivals help the students conquer their shyness. They talk freely with one another. Students of both the sexes get an opportunity of mixing freely. This help in creating a proper understanding of the other sex. Sex starvation melts away.

Youth festivals stimulate competitive spirit. The youth of different states and countries come in contact with one another. These festivals provide an experiment in community living. This has great educative value.

Youth festival provides a very happy and cheerful atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for free expression of views. Students rise above the narrow walls of religionism. This helps in creating cordial relations and proper understanding between different regions.

It is a time to show a sense of discipline. But some students stage rowdyism. Male students become indisciplined when girls come on the stage. This is indeed bad taste. It is only a few students who indulge in such activity. This tendency should be curbed.

On the whole, youth festivals are very useful. What is required is the maintenance of proper discipline. This can be secured if the managers are strict.

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