Essay on My School

Essay on My School:

A school is a temple of learning. Learning includes the development of mind, body and character. It moulds the students into ideal citizens, who rise in life. A good school is the pride of a country.

I study in the Care Public School. It is situated in healthy surroundings. It is situated at a short distance from the city. It is neither too near nor too far from the city. It is connected by a pucca road. It is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is surrounded by charming sites of nature. To the north of the school, there is a children’s park. To the east lie fields always covered with crops or vegetable plants.

It has a grand building. It has four blocks. The main block has twenty large and well-ventilated classrooms and a big hall. The hall is used for examination purposes. It is also used when some speaker comes to the school to address the students.

There is a spacious Science Block. It has well-equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The third block houses the school library. It is also very well furnished. The fourth block has a dispensary for the students and staff members.

At the back of the school, there is a spacious playground. Students play there different kinds of games. The school grants liberal stipends to outstanding players. That is why our school attracts talented players and always wins shields in hockey and football.

Our school has a trained, efficient and dedicated staff. The Principal is not only an intelligent teacher but also a good administrator. That is why everything is going on smoothly. He has a very watchful eye. Although he has a soft corner in his heart for the students, he is a strict disciplinarian.

The teachers are very learned. Every teacher tries his best to make his subject interesting. They take a personal interest in the students. Our English teacher, in particular, is very kind and sympathetic. Instead of giving punishment, he advises the students to learn and behave.

Our school also gives due importance to extra-curricular activities. The students are encouraged to join Scouting, Red Cross, A.C.C. and N.C.C. We have a debating club. Declamation contests are held twice a year. Participants from other schools are also invited. The best speakers are given prizes.

That is why our school is so popular. Students from all over the district seek admission. It is granted on the basis of merit.

Our school is thus a valuable asset to our country.

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