Short Essay on “A Day in the Life of a Hawker”

A Day in the Life of a Hawker:

Hawkers are a common sight in big cities like Delhi. You may go in any Bazar or street; you will meet hawkers selling their goods. They go from place to place crying their goods. They sell all kinds of things like sweets, aloo-chole, balloons, cloth, toys etc.

A hawker’s life is very hard. The poor fellow leaves his house early in the morning. He wanders in the bazaar the whole day. He comes back home in the evening. Generally, he lives from hand to mouth. His income is very small.

It is very interesting to watch a hawker’s day’s programme. Generally, he gets up early in the morning. Then he gets ready to go on his business. He knows what streets are suitable for his trade. He carries his goods on his back or on his head. Some hawkers have hand carts in which they carry their goods. Some hawkers hire coolies to carry their goods.

He goes to his favourite spot in a street. He cries aloud praising his goods. Passers-by and people from the surrounding houses come to purchase his goods. His customers are generally women. They higgle with him about prices. When the customers come, he shows them the goods. If the price is too high, he asks the customer to pay what he likes. In fact, he is a clever man. He demands a high price in the beginning. Then he agrees to accept a lower price. Even then he earns a good profit. He is very fond of taking oaths to convince his customers. He will say, “By goddess Laxmi, I am not earning anything in this bargain”. Thus the poor fellow goes from place to place.

At noon he takes his food. Then he again goes on his round. Several people wait for him; he goes to particular streets at fixed hours. He feels tired like a dog in the evening. Then he comes home. He calculates his profit. He is happy if he has earned five or six hundred rupees. In the evening, he sits with the members of his family. He enjoys a hearty chat.

A street hawker is a necessary part of our life.

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