Essay on India of My Dreams

Essay on India of My Dreams:

India is an ancient country. In those days it achieved amazing progress in all walks of life. While most of the countries of the world, especially the Western countries, were living in darkness and ignorance, there was a light of knowledge and learning in India. In those days India was a prosperous country, but unfortunately, it was divided into small kingdoms. The result was that one by one these kingdoms were conquered by the foreigners. India became a slave country for a long time. Ultimately, India got her freedom in 1947, and since then India has made amazing progress. If this progress continues, small wonder that India will be one of the greatest countries, if not the greatest, of the world.

A vision of India’s greatness has always haunted me. India of my dreams will be a democracy in which there would be free elections and the voters will be able to cast their votes without fear. There will be no booth-capturing and no crossing the floor. In Parliament, people will, argue and discuss matters intelligently. There would be discipline in the Parliament. No rowdy scenes will be seen in the Parliament. Logical thinking and reasonable discussions will take place in an atmosphere of peace and amity. The present evil of processions and demonstrations, strikes and fasts unto death, will no more be heard. The foundation of democracy will thus have been well and truly laid.

The Indians will be united by a vision of common nationhood. Regionalism, factionalism, and linguistic or territorial patriotism will be things of the past. Terrorism will be heard no more. There would be no innocent deaths. From Kashmir to Kerala, from Assam to Maharashtra, the same feeling of ardent patriotism will fill every heart. When a nation thinks and feels and acts as one person, wonders cannot be achieved.

With this solidarity as her backbone, our country will occupy an exalted place in the comity of nations. Other countries will look up to India for help and guidance. She will be their guide, philosopher, and friend. Here principles of truth and non-violence will guide the world.

No doubt, India has achieved self-sufficiency in the field of agriculture, but much is to be done in the field of industry. I hope that in the future industry will also progress by leaps and bounds. There would be no scarcity of petrol, diesel, and electricity. Alternative sources of energy would be discovered. It will help in checking price-rise. Hunger, starvation, famine, and floods will disappear from its soil.

In the social field, India will have no untouchability, casteism, and creeds. The backward classes would be at par with the forward classes. The dignity of every human being will be a sacred trust for the nation. There will be perfect equality between the sexes. Old and out-of-date customs will disappear. Indeed, it will be a great and glorious India, the roof and crown of the world.

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