Essay on Blessings of Morning Walk

Essay on Blessings of Morning Walk:

It is said, “A morning walk a day keeps the doctor away”.

Mahatma Gandhi has said, “The day, I do not go out for a walk will be the last day of my life”.

A morning walk offers an opportunity to refresh oneself one gets rejuvenated for carrying out the fresh task. It is rightly said, “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Morning is the beginning of the day. It is the most pleasant part of the day. The air is cool, fresh and free from pollution. Everywhere there is calm and quiet. The environment is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. The chirping of birds in the early hours of the day looks like the music of nature.

A walk at that time of the day is very good and healthy for an individual. If a person does no other exercise and takes a morning walk early, it is sufficient for the day. A morning walk is a good exercise for the mind as well as the body. It is good food for our body. A person feels refreshed and free from anxieties for the day ahead, as it has a soothing effect on our nerves. A morning walk makes a man more energetic and full of hopes and aspirations.

I take a morning walk daily at 6 a.m. as I live near a park. I go out for a walk in that park where all my friends have also gathered. We all did the yoga exercises for 35 minutes. After that time the sun starts rising and it gives a brilliant look. The sky is very clear and beautiful. The grass on either side of the road is covered with dewdrops. The dewdrops shine like pearls in the early hours of the day. The cyclists and carriers are loaded with goods and rush to reach their customers in time. The villagers come to the city with parts of the milk and baskets of fruits and vegetables to sell in the market. I reach home at 7:30 a.m. I feel quite strong, happy and enthusiastic about beginning my day. I feel very hungry after a walk.

A morning walk is very necessary to keep one healthy. It is simple and wholesome and costs nothing. All walks of people afford it. Those who are businessmen or live ideal lives, work for long hours in the office in unhealthy surroundings need to most. It improves digestion and removes various illnesses without consultation with a doctor. All doctors recommended it. A sound body is essential for a sound mind.

A morning walk serves us as a pacesetter for the whole day. It is a panacea. It is rightly said, “Money is lost something is lost but if health is lost everything is lost”.

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