Short Essay on Wonders of Science

Short Essay on Wonders of Science:

Science has worked wonders. It has given us discoveries and inventions. They have revolutionized our life and outlook. Once we were afraid of lightning but now we use electricity in every field.

Science has harnessed the forces of nature. The river valleys are dammed up to arrest water, produce electricity and then to use it for irrigation through a network of canals. The deserts are changed into fertile arable fields.

Trains, ships, vehicles and aeroplanes are the gifts of science. They have made transport and journey easy, quick and comfortable. Long journeys that used to take days and weeks can now be covered in very short intervals of time.

Electricity is the most useful boon given to us by science. We read in electric light. We enjoy the cool breeze of an electric fan. In winter electric heaters keep us warm. Electric stoves cook our meals and X-rays tell us where a bullet is embedded in our body. Electricity cures many diseases. Electric shocks are given to men with deranged brains. Telegraphic apparatus, telephone, wireless, radio, television and teleprinting are the marvels of electricity.

Radium is no less important than electricity. A tiny particle of it can drive our trains. It also provides a cure against deadly diseases such as cancer. Exposure to its rays burns up the disease. Then atomic energy is another discovery of science. If put to constructive use, it is a boon. But if put to destructive use, it can play havoc.

Science has placed Aladin’s lamp in man’s hands. Push the button and get a cool refreshing breeze in the twinkling of an eye. Science has given eyes to the blind and ears to the deaf. Science has made serious operations a reality. Transplantation of the heart has become a reality. In short, development in Science and Technology has made life comfortable.

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