Short Essay on Good Manners

Good Manners:

Man has to live in society. He must cultivate good manners. This makes life worth living. Good manners earn a person respect and dignity. Good manners determine not only the present worth of a person but also his future greatness. Good manners distinguish a civilized person from a beast.

A man is not born with manners. He learns everything from society and circumstances. We must learn how to be polite and courteous. We should be humble. We should be cool-tempered. We should be of help to the needy. We should have a special respect for ladies and the aged. We should not ridicule any person.

Good manners also include table manners and general behaviour. We must know that we should not leave the table until others have finished. We must take our turn in a queue. We must offer our seat if a lady is standing. We must not damage public property. We should not pluck flowers from public parks. We should not tear pages from library books or magazines.

Cultivation of these manners will surely win us respect. An ill-mannered person is always disregarded, hated and avoided by his friends and relatives. There is no doubt that some people with bad temperaments rise to top positions. But, they are seldom respected.

A man who displays wealth will attract admirers and flatterers. A person who makes a parade of his learning will make a good impression. But, a person who wins others with his good manners wins lasting friendships. A man of good manners will get respect wherever he goes. Good manners are thus the most valuable ornaments with which one can decorate oneself.

There are certain persons who pose to be well mannered. They only try to deceive others. They try to loot others with their deceptive good manners. This is undesirable. One should be gentle at heart also.

Still, politeness, sympathy, respect for elderly people and a desire to help others is very paying. The display of these qualities will win friends and admirers. Hatred, jealousy, tendency to quarrel with others, and an irritable temper are the enemies of good manners.

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