Essay on My School Library

My School Library:

A library is a temple of learning. It is because it has a collection of the best available books. A book is a treasure of the wisdom of an intellectual. It is the life-blood of its author.

My school also has a library. It has 13,400 books. It is perhaps the biggest library any High School has. It has books on all the school subjects, particularly on science and literature. The books are maintained subject-wise. They are kept in almirahs with glass panes.

The name of the Librarian is Sh. Aditya Sharma. He has two assistants and one peon at his disposal. They keep the library clean. The peon dusts the books daily. The librarian is very kind, gentle and accommodating nature. But at the same time, he is a disciplinarian also. He maintains perfect silence in the library.

The library is housed in a big room. There is a big oval-shaped table placed in the centre of the room. Chairs are placed around the table. It can accommodate thirty students at a time.

The students get books from the library during fixed hours. It remains open in the evening also. It is a great facility for the students that they can visit the library after school hours. The librarian is very strict about the return of books in time. The librarian charges a two hundred rupees per day fine for the late return of a book. A student can borrow only two books at a time.

In addition to books, the library displays a number of newspapers and magazines in Hindi, English and Punjabi. The students acquaint themselves with the affairs going on through the study of newspapers. In addition, the journals and magazines provide the students with specific knowledge on a particular subject. The old magazines and newspapers are also preserved. One can get any old paper whenever there is a need for it.

In fact, the library of my school is a great source of attraction to the students. They hurry to the library whenever they have a vacant period.

A good library is indeed an asset to a school. It helps the students in developing a taste for studies. It also helps in cultivating discipline. The students learn to sit silently.

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