Essay on My Next-door Neighbour

My Next-door Neighbour:

It is a great comfort to have a good neighbour. I am happy that my neighbour is a noble and gentleman. His name is Sh Anand Gopal. He works in a government office. He has three sons and two daughters. They are all intelligent and industrious. The father has given them a very good bringing up.

One of his sons studies with me. The boy is known for his polite manners and behaviour. Everybody likes him. He comes to school at the proper time and is praised for his punctuality. He is very helpful to other boys in their studies. In fact, his family is famous for their generous and noble nature. All members of the family have learnt good manners from the father.

Sh Anand Gopal is liked by the people of his street. Whenever any person is faced with a problem, he goes to Sh Anand Gopal for advice. Whenever there’s a marriage in our street, Sh Anand Gopal gives all sorts of help.

He is a great social worker. He utilises his time before he goes to his office in doing good to others. After coming from his office, he is busy doing social work. Sometimes a Harijan comes to him for protection from a high caste, sometimes a tenant is harassed by a landlord. Sh Anand Gopal gives a patient hearing to everybody and removes his difficulties as far as possible.

Recently elections to the municipal corporation took place. Sh Anand Gopal was an XYZ candidate. He defeated his rival by thousands of votes. People are happy that Sh Anand Gopal has been elected. He will be very useful to poor and needy people who go to the municipal office for assistance and justice.

Sh Anand Gopal is keenly interested in the welfare of the people living in his street. He is very cordial with us. He has great regard for my father. We all call him uncle and go to him for help and guidance when a father is away.

He is a man of principles. One of his principles is to wear khaddar. He is always seen in home-spun khaddar clothes. Being a true disciple of Gandhiji, he believes that by wearing khaddar one is doing a service to the country. The marriage of his daughter took place some time ago. In this marriage, he used everything that was made in India. It was a simple marriage performed in a truly Indian way. In fact, Sh Anand Gopal hates pomp and show. He believes in Indian culture. His motto is, ‘India first and India last’.

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