Essay on Compulsory Military Training

Essay on Compulsory Military Training:

India became free on 15th August 1947. India got freedom after having suffered slavery for a long. Freedom has brought many problems along with it. One of these is the security and defence of India.

Since independence India has been an ardent advocate of peace in the world. She also kept aloof from military alliances. She did not join either the Russian or the American block. This is to keep aloof from tensions. This is aimed at enabling us to have our own independent judgement.

In spite of all this, some of our next-door neighbouring countries have malice and enmity against us. The Pakistani forces, in the West, indulge in one or the other act of provocation. Similarly, does China, in the north, indulge in territorial aggrandisement. She signed the Panchshel agreement with India. But soon thereafter attacked India on October 20, 1962. She captured a large part of our territory. With Pakistan, we have gone to war thrice.

Not only that, we are encircled on all sides by enemy forces. America, China and Pakistan formed an axis. They are bent on creating problems. They are creating their influence in Bangladesh. Sri Lanka and Nepal are also problems for us. There is a great turmoil going on in Sri Lanka for some time. Nepal is also getting under influence of China. It is high time we should be awake to the need for maintenance of our hard-won freedom.

The solution lies in compulsory military training for the youth of India.

It is a necessity in view of the complexity and technicality of modern warfare. In the olden days, there was a war of valour fought face to face. Now, planes, nuclear weapons, tanks, missiles and other deadly weapons have taken the place of bow and arrow, spear and sword. Land, Naval and Air forces are all highly technical affairs. No country can fight a war without these weapons and with untrained soldiers. The armed forces must be adequately trained. And, training cannot be imparted within a month. It would require a long time. It is, therefore, necessary that we should start using some of the educational periods of our youth for giving them training in military matters. To make it effective, military training must be made compulsory.

As a citizen, we have not only rights but also duties. It is our duty to come forward to repulse any attack against our territory. For this, we should make ourselves trained in warfare. Otherwise, we shall not be of any help in case of war. So it is the duty of every Indian to come forward for military training.

Discipline among our people will also improve with compulsory military training. The military is known for discipline. Obedience to order is instilled in the veins of soldiers. Unquestioned obedience to the orders of his superiors is the guiding principle of a soldier’s life. It has been said, “there is not to reason why, there is but to do and die”.

But along with discipline, the military teaches cruelty and dictatorship. Military men become heartless brutes. Instead of serving a democratic country, they can lead to war for selfish ends. The example of Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon and Saddam Hussain is before us. It is due to this type of compulsory training that two world wars have been fought.

Keeping everything in view, it will be good if only elementary military training is made compulsory at the school level. We can then be in a position to enrol as many men by only imparting short term training to them.

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