Essay on Annual Day of My School

Annual Day of My School:

The Annual Day is held every year in our school. It is the most important day. It is because prizes to the toppers in studies and games are distributed this day. The prize is the greatest honour one can expect. Not only the students but also the teachers wait anxiously for this day.

Last year, the prize distribution function was held on 26th December. The Education Minister was the chief guest. Preparations had started many days before the function. The whole of the school building was white-washed. Flower pots were painted. Blackboards were polished. The students prepared mottos and pictures of different colours. The classrooms were decorated with them. Charts were also hung on the walls. The whole building looked spick and span.

The function was to be held in the school hall. It was also beautifully decorated. The stage was tastefully decorated. The chairs were properly arranged. The front rooms were reserved for the guests, the parents and teachers. The gate had the inscription of welcome on it.

Like the building, the students also looked very attractive. All of them in their best clothes. They looked very smart. The Boy scouts were on duty.

The Education Minister arrived at 11 a.m. He was late by one hour. The police had made strict security arrangements. He was given a warm reception at the gate by the school management, the Principal, members of the staff and the school band. He was profusely garlanded. The guest took his seat. All the spectators clapped and cheered.

A group of students welcomed him through a chorus. The Principal read out the school annual report. He declared the names of the prize winners. The chief guest gave away the prize. I was also one of the prize winners. I greeted the Minister. He gave me a bundle of books. My friends cheered me up with loud shouts of joy.

In the end, the Education Minister delivered a short but impressive speech. He advised the students to cultivate discipline and regularity. He denoted an amount of Rs 50,000/- to the school out of his discretionary fund. The Principal thanked him and the gentry present. He praised the students also for showing brilliant results every year. He declared the next day a holiday. The function was a grand success. The memory of this function will remain ever-green in my mind.

Every school should celebrate the Annual day. It gives inspiration to the students.

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