Essay on Value of Games and Sport

Essay on Value of Games and Sport:

Games are part and parcel of human life. They are food for the human body. No doubt “Work is worship but all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Games are very essential to make man’s journey of life pleasant. These prove a stepping stone in keeping sound mind lives in a sound body. They play an important role in the general drama of human life. They keep us active and alert. They are the fountain of health and infuse a spirit of facing difficulties. They make us able to enjoy the long journey of our life.

To keep the diseases at arm’s length. Games are of great importance in our day-to-day life. Through games, every limb of the human body exerts, and thus they keep us sound in the physique. The circulation of blood is quickened with the result that it is purified. They help us in getting rid of different diseases because while playing we perspire and dirty matter of the body comes out through the pores. In this way, games keep us away from the clutches of our enemies i.e. diseases. It has also been saying, “A healthy person though uneducated is better than an educated person who is unhealthy.”

Sportsmanships. Through games, we learn a spirit of sportsmanship. Both the winners and the losers enjoy the game if it is highly contested. It creates the spirit of patience and courage. A good player never feels overjoyed in victory and plunges into the darkest despair in defeat. He acts according to discipline and rules and regulations. So, games teach us the valuable lesson of a disciplined person can kiss the highest peaks of glory.

Source of Entertainment. Of all sorts of pleasurable activities, games are the most popular. Without these, our life becomes dull because our daily work makes our life intolerable and broken. It is said, “Rest is rust and life is lust.” Therefore, we can shed our worries and anxieties in this mighty world of eye and ear only if we take a keen interest in games. A playground proves to be a clinic where the players are cured of the burden of life. In short in the playground one gets rid of all worries and cares of life. It is said that “care kills a cat.” W.H. Davies has rightly said, “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

Health and Character Formation. Health is wealth is a proverb. It clearly indicates that the greatest treasure of human life is health which can be gained through games. A writer has beautifully said, “If money is lost nothing is lost; if health is lost something is lost; if the character is lost everything is lost.” We can get health and character by attending the playing field. In modern times even wealth can be gained by playing games. In short, we can say, “Life without games is just like a garden without flowers.”

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