Essay on Social Reforms in India

Essay on Social Reforms in India:

India has made great progress in the fields of agriculture, industry, education, literature and many other activities. As a result, we shall succeed in raising the standard of living of the Indians in the near future. It is indeed very good to increase the wealth of the country. But, it is also necessary to get rid of customs and beliefs which have become outdated. They are a hindrance in the path of our progress.

It is a pity that people are unable to shed social practices which have lost their utility. The people are merely wasting their time by clinging to them. We are conservative. We stick to ancestral beliefs and religious dogmas blindly. So, an attempt at reforms is opposed vehemently. But, reforms must be introduced to relieve the ignorant, illiterate and backwards people of their unhealthy and orthodox opinion.

The most notable social evils that need immediate reform are the dowry system, untouchability, our marriage and funeral rites, hoarding for profit-making, black marketeering, smuggling, child-lifting, drinking, drug addiction, gambling and begging.

The government has passed various laws against different evils. Hindu Code Bill, Anti-Untouchability Act, Marriageable Age Act, Anti-Smuggling Acts, Dowry acts etc. have been passed. But these laws have not proved very effective. They have not yielded the desired results. People are still burning brides. People are still indulging in anti-social activities. It is necessary that these laws should be made more stringent.

We must bear in mind that law alone cannot serve the purpose. Strong public opinion must be formed against these practices. We must form societies to propagate against these evils. They should tell the people to adopt healthy social practices. We should tell the people that it is in their own interest to get rid of these evils.

In addition, the pres, the platform, radio and television should be used for this purpose. People thus educated will realize their duty to society. We should succeed in making our society free from these social evils.

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