Phrases and Idioms Prepositional Phrases

Phrases and Idioms Prepositional Phrases:

According to, in accordance withHe has acted according to (or in accordance with) my wishes.
At the bottom of (the source of)He was at the bottom of the intrigue against the headmaster.
At the risk of (by putting oneself in danger)This boy saved a drowning child at the risk of his own life.
At the top of (at the loudest pitch)I shouted at the top of my voice.
Because of I could not attend school because of illness.
By dint of, by force ofHe rose very high by dint of (by force of) his hard labour.
By means of (owing to)We will remain alive in space by means of oxygen.
For the sake of (out of regard to)I risked my life for the sake of my friend.
In case of, in the event ofIn case of (in the event of) his death, his wife will be the guardian of the child.
In connection with (pertaining to)He went to Delhi in connection with his business.
In course of (after some time)All the secrets of the trade will be known to you in course of time.
In the course of (during)In the course of his speech, he referred to the sacrifice of Gandhiji.
In favour of I am in favour of female education.
In consequence of, as a result of (on account of)He could not continue his studies in consequence of (or as a result of) his ill-health.
In consideration of (as the effect of)He was given a prize in consideration of his good behaviour.
In exchange for (in place of)I will give you a wristwatch in exchange for your fountain pen.
In spite of (notwithstanding)In spite of doing his best, he could not be successful.
In the light ofIn the light of these facts, he does not deserve promotion.
In lieu of (instead of)In lieu of Sunday the shop will remain closed on Monday.
In proportion to You will get pension in proportion to the length of your service.
In keeping withHe did a noble deed in keeping with his dignity.
In view of (by reason of)In view of his hard work he deserves a prize.
On behalf ofThe headmaster thanked the chairman on behalf of all the members of the staff and students.
On the point of, at the point of (very near)When we reached there, the patient was on the point of death.
On pain of (as a penalty for)He was ordered to leave his motherland on pain of death.
On the part ofThere was no fault on the part of the student.
With a view to (in view of)He works hard with a view to passing the examination with credit.
With reference to, with regard to, with respect toWith reference to your application, I may assure you that you stand a fair chance of getting a scholarship.

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