Short Essay on A Tug-of-War Match

Essay on A Tug-of-War Match:

Matches of all sorts of games are very popular among people. They give a lot of enjoyment to those who witness them. The players or the athletes who participate in them gain too much from them. Every limb of their bodies gets a good deal of exercise. Their bodies become strong and stout. They learn the valuable lessons of co-operation, quick decision and selflessness.

The other day, there was a Tug-of-War match between our school and the Yodha school. Mr Mohan Dayal Sharma was the referee. It was a very interesting match and the students of both the schools and a few others gathered there to see and enjoy it.

Our opponents were heavier boys but our team also was good and had abundant practice. The pull began at 3 P.M. Both the teams tugged and toiled as hard as they could. They pulled now in one way, then the other way and exerted their utmost. The boys of both the schools shouted and cheered to encourage their own players. Some waved handkerchiefs, others gave direction for the pull. The coaches of the teams gave words of command ‘rest’ and ‘pull’.

The players of both teams strained every nerve to win the match. After ten minutes our players were out of breath and seemed as if they would lose, but the captain urged them to make one more effort. He appealed to them in the name of the school. The appeal had its effect. Our players gave a pull in a body and won the first pull.

Then the second pull started. The Yodha team won this pull after much struggle. The third pull which was the decisive one dragged on for a pretty long time. In the end, our team made a united effort and won this pull.

Our team won the match by 2 to 1 pull.

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