Essay on Vocational Training

Essay on Vocational Training:

Vocational training is the foremost need of society. Too much academic attainments and educational qualifications will not deliver the goods. If the society is to rise, to make progress, it is essential that training of some sort or the other must be imparted. It becomes our topmost priority to provide jobs to each one in order to solve the problem of unemployment. A Government that cannot give jobs to its educated people, has no moral right to continue its existence. If the persons in authority make provision “at least for one trade for every person” the unemployment will automatically go. There will be prosperity all around. Our standard of living will rise in no time.

Today the life is not that simple. It is complex and complicated. With the advancement of science and technology, many branches of the vocational tree have come to exist. It is a growing tree. More and more scientific and technical modes of life have come to stay permanently. In this technical and scientific age, it is necessary to cultivate vocational training of some nature. After all, we cannot lag behind the rest of the world when the whole world is growing technology-wise, how can our country afford to neglect this important stream of job-requirement. It satisfies most of our day to day needs. It will change a lot of the youths who are wandering aimlessly. They will begin to take interest in life. In the long run, it will transform the very map of India. One man’s prosperity and plenty mean the richness of the family. If each family is happy, society will be well-off. And if the society has much and to spare, naturally the entire country will be rich and prosperous. But the need of the day is to guarantee a productive job. Let our young boys and girls produce something with their own hands. They must learn the dignity of labour. They must not feel ashamed when they dig a well, when they hoe and plough their fields, when they do manual labour. There is no shyness if one does one’s own job. Teach him to be self-dependent. The vocational training may be of any nature. There is ample scope for vocational courses in the school, says Gandhiji. Teach them when they are young. They are passing through the formative years of their life. They will shape and reshape, they will make and re-make. Thus learning will go side by side with vocational training. It can be typing, shorthand, clay modelling, paperwork, maintaining of account books etc. As soon as they get out of school, they will be absorbed in one vocation or another. Even they can start their own job, for example, a commercial college of typing and shorthand.

This sort of training will keep them busy. It will keep them mentally and physically fit and alert. They will not drift to the wrong path. They will not entertain wrong thoughts. So to say, they will have no spare time. They will be building their character. After all, it is the idle and the unemployed who can be dangerous to society. He will be a useful member of society. As he is contributing something for the benefit of society. He will be utilizing his leisure time in a purposeful activity. He is not a parasite (depending on others). He is an earning member.

While at school any useful pursuit or training is a beautiful substitute for one’s hobby. For aptitude is reflected largely in your vocation. You get satisfaction in the job of your choice and liking. So much so to say, that one man’s prosperity will enhance national prosperity. If you grow rich, your country is bound to grow rich. If you are poor, your country is poor, too. Let us introduce such vocational trainings at school level, at grass root level. In the process, you attain a valuable experience and expertise.

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